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Minis 2021

Mini Adventures 2021

Join us for a mini adventure in Discovery Mountain! The adventures are small, but the faith exercises are big!

Minis 2021: Episode 19 - Sep 15, 2021

Meet E.Z. Cleghorn!

Learn about E.Z.'s story and his special connection to Discovery Mountain—first as listener and now voice actor for the role of Chris.

Minis 2021: Episode 18 - Sep 8, 2021

Little Bird

When Gracie finds a fallen baby bird in her backyard, she quickly enlists her family's help in trying to save it.

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Director Doug

Just Keep Trying

Director Doug joins us from the lake with his nephew Lucas, who is learning how to waterski on one ski. What can his experience teach us about practicing something we would like to learn? Let’s find out in this video.

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