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Season 22

An Arrow’s Reach

Discovery Mountain Camp is back, and with it are a lot of changes! This summer Major Ruhder is the new camp director and assistant director, Joyce Holt strives for a fun camp season, but Major Ruhder has other plans. Meanwhile, this is Hugo's first time at camp, will he enjoy it, or will trouble follow? Find out more in this season called, An Arrow's Reach.

Season 22: Episode 1 - Jun 29, 2022

Winds of Change

Major changes in leadership are coming to Discovery Mountain Camp. But will the camp experience be any different? Everyone has their own hopes.

Minis 2022: Episode 13 - Jun 22, 2022

Q&A #3 with Ms. Jean, Director Doug, and Producer Steve

How did Ruben become the voice of Jake? Will Jake and Natasha get married? Would we ever do the show in a different language? More Q's and A's today!

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Director Doug

Live Reading of a Special Mini

Join Producer Steve for a very special reading of his Harmony Corner Challenge 5 episode featuring Peabody, Barber, and Ranger Bob. Only in this version, it won’t just be those three!

In this sneak peek of Harmony Corner Challenge 5, which features a theme from Season 12, not all the characters are as they were originally written for the mini.

How many voices did you hear? Let us know at