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Minis 2020

Mini Adventures 2020

Join us for a mini adventure in Discovery Mountain! The adventures are small, but the faith exercises are big!

Minis 2020: Episode 14 - Aug 12, 2020

Meet Cody!

Real-life Cody traveled a long way to our studio to play his role in "Fear or Faith?" In this interview, learn the neat story of how he got involved!

Minis 2020: Episode 13 - Aug 5, 2020

Ski Patrol

In today's real-life mini adventure, Grant and Theron exercise their faith through prayer during a ski trip, and God answers in a miraculous way.

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Director Doug

Season 14 Bloopers! – Discovery Mountain

As Director Doug mentioned, it’s that time again for bloopers! Each season new and old voice actors alike create memorable “bloop” moments, and each time it’s just as fun. This time we have a special surprise with some actors from a new part of the world.