If you’ve listened to Discovery Mountain Season 23 called, “The Secret Believer”, you might be familiar with one of the characters who wrote a book. Did you know it was based on a true story? Well, the actual book was written by an 8-year-old boy named Dillon Helbig. A boy who illustrated and wrote an 81 page notebook in just four days.

The book, “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis” was authored by Dillon His Self. If you remember in Season 23, the book, “The Adventures of Crismis” was authored by H.G. Scribner, where the H.G., stands for Hugo Garcia and Scribner means scribe or writer.

Like Hugo, Dillon is also 8-years-old and wrote his own book followed by submitting it to his local library among other stacks of books. Similarily too, Hugo’s book grabbed the attention of library goers, making his book the most sought-after title in the library.

What’s different with this story however, is that Hugo snuck the book in the pile and didn’t tell anyone until it was discovered by several individuals in town. In Dillon’s case, he confessed to sneaking it onto a bookshelf containing fiction titles, and told his parents right afterwards. When his mother, Susan, called the library to pick it up, the librarians loved the idea of the book and let the action play out stating, “It deserves a spot on our library shelves.”

“The Adventures of Crismis” was entered into the catalog system as a graphic novel due to the amount of illustrations. Additionally, the book written by Dillon is filled with spelling and grammar issues as it explores time travel, and various holidays.

The library sharing his book gave his the first-ever “Whoodini Award” which they created specifically for him. Dillon’s submission to the library was also featured on a television station in Boise, Idaho. Learn more about Dillon’s story below.

The best part of Dillon’s imagination and writings is that he’s inspired other kids all over to write their own books as well. The library has even been contacted about officially publishing his book.

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Book Q&A

Hugo’s Book Quiz
1. Did you imagine Hugo’s book looking similar or different from Dillon’s?
2. Would you ever like to write your own book one day, complete with your own pictures?
3. Would you sign Hugo’s book out if it was in your town library?
4. If you were a book illustrator what kind of pictures would you create?
5. What’s your favorite kind of book to read?
6. What’s your favorite place to read a good book?