April 19, 2022, marks Discovery Mountain‘s fifth birthday! Woo-hoo! To celebrate five years on the air, we’re giving away some prizes for each episode of Season 21, which debuts April 13. Here’s the details:

  • Each weekly episode’s questions are posted on this page. Questions are open for answer submissions from the Wednesday the episode is publicly released through the end of Monday (11:59 PM Mountain Time).
  • Prize winners—which are randomly selected—are announced each Wednesday for the week prior on this page, in our email newsletter (scroll down to sign up), and on our Facebook and Instagram pages (links at bottom).
  • There are five questions per episode; each question is multiple choice.
  • Physically mailable prizes (those for weeks 1-4) are only available to listeners located in the U.S. and Canada.


Week 1 – Season Art Poster of Choice (3 winners)

Week 2 – DM Hoodie, Hat, T-Shirt, and Drawstring Bag (1 winner)

Week 3 – 1-Foot-High Jake Figurine (1 winner)

Week 4 – Autographed Script (3 winners)

Week 5 – Personalized Voice Clip* (3 winners)

Week 6 – Free 1-Year Club Membership (1 winner)

* This voice clip will be a custom greeting/message to the individual winner from a character voice of their choosing from currently available actors. Email Producer Steve (producer@discoverymountain.com) for more details on available cast members.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 – Ella A., Alina T., Abby S.

Week 2 – Ella H.

Week 3 – Michael W.

Week 4 – Maizy S., Carolyn R., Elijah C.

Week 5 – Riley W., Chloe C., Shiloh G.

Week 6 –

Birthday Contest Episode 6: Surprise Mr. Simon!

Birthday Contest Episode 6: Surprise Mr. Simon!

1. Which surprise visitor arrived in town for the celebration?
2. Which favorite Canadian treat did Hannah Lewis bake?
3. Who did Mr. Simon recommend to McGee to manage his hotel?
4. Who was the surprise birthday party for?
5. Why does God send people to the town of Discovery Mountain?
By filling out this contest form, you agree to be contacted by Discovery Mountain and allow the organization to use your information for promotional purposes via e-newsletter, and social media.